South Australia Branch

South Australia, positioned in the southern central part of the country, is renowned for its beautiful wine regions, stunning coastline, and vast outback. The state’s capital, Adelaide, is celebrated for its lively festivals, vibrant arts community, and charming historic sites. South Australia’s job market is flourishing, with significant growth in the IT sector. The state is home to numerous tech startups and innovation hubs, creating a dynamic environment for IT professionals. Combining its rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and expanding career opportunities, South Australia presents a compelling destination for both living and working.

Current Representative

Mai Pham

Hi everyone, I’m Mai, currently a student at the University of Adelaide studying Bachelor of Computer Science. With the hope of connecting and meeting new friends, I will be the State Representative of South Australia this year . I’m looking forward to meeting you all and creating amazing events together!

Previous SA Branch

Amber Dao

2022-2023 South Australia Representative

Branch Sponsors

Branch Events

With an aim to create a playground for relationship establishment to the Australian-Vietnamese IT Community, offline networking events will be hosted by ITPA’s state representative quarterly. Moreover, we will also present online webinars with the participation of global industry experts. The annual event, IT Day, is when we collaborate with enterprises in Vietnam to outsource potential IT professionals in Australia. All occasions will be presented by senior project managers, designers, software engineers, and other IT professionals. Therefore, guests will have chances to communicate, connect, gain insights, and unlock their pathway to position themselves in the Australian competitive market.

Vietnam IT Day 2023 in Melbourne

15 August 2023
6:00 PM
  - 8:30 PM

TechXcel: Navigating Your IT Career Journey (Test)

23 August 2023
8:00 AM
  - 11:00 AM

The Product Manager Career Path: What does it look like? (Test)

1 December 2022
6:00 AM