Queensland Branch

Queensland, Australia’s second-largest state, is renowned for its strong economy and diverse industries. Known for its rich natural resources, the state boasts a robust mining sector alongside flourishing agriculture and tourism industries. Queensland attracts significant foreign and domestic investment, fostering growth in various sectors including technology and renewable energy. The state’s labor market is dynamic, offering a range of employment opportunities from metropolitan hubs like Brisbane to regional centers. With its strategic location and pro-business policies, Queensland continues to be a vital contributor to Australia’s economic landscape.

Current Representative

Long Vu

I’m Long (2000), but most people call me Oliver. I’m in my final semester studying Data Science at QUT, Brisbane, and concurrently working as a Data Analyst at PwC Brisbane office.

I’m always keen on bringing the Vietnamese community in Australia closer together, especially those in the IT industry. That’s why I aspire to become the State Rep of ITPA in QLD. I want to work together with everyone to build a stronger Vietnamese community in Tech with lots of fun and “meaningful” meetups for everyone.

Previous Queensland Branch Representative

Vy Tran

2022-2023 Queensland Rep

Branch Sponsor

Branch Events

Vietnam IT Day 2023 in Melbourne

15 August 2023
6:00 PM
  - 8:30 PM

TechXcel: Navigating Your IT Career Journey (Test)

23 August 2023
8:00 AM
  - 11:00 AM

The Product Manager Career Path: What does it look like? (Test)

1 December 2022
6:00 AM