How I landed my first Data Science job in one of Australia’s Big Four banks

First day in Australia After a tearful farewell at the international airport in my home country, the flight to Melbourne took off and soon after everything looked miniature through the aeroplane window. Looking down to see my city for the last time, I knew that I was about to start a new journey in another […]

Your Role In The Australian IT Industry (Expert Point Of View)

It is quite obvious how the IT industry has rapidly developed and become diverse in the past centuries.  As an IT beginner, we are sure you might have a basic understanding of the tech industry, particularly in Australia. However, it can sometimes be confusing without practical experiences and points of view from experienced professionals, right?  […]

Software Engineer Jobs In Australia: 2024 Market

In recent years, software engineering, specifically developers and programmers, has been listed among Australia’s 20 most-needed professions in Australia.  Does this surprise you? Well, it is quite obvious that this rise in demand for software engineers is equivalent to the development of technology, in Australia and globally.  This also establishes a competitive IT market with […]

Consultant vs. Developer In eCommerce: Definition, Duties, Differences

“What is the difference between a consultant vs developer?”  This question has been raised frequently, especially for IT beginners who are still deciding on career pathways.  Even though you can easily find a good explanation, our guide provides a practical perspective from ITPA’s software experts. This will help you have a realistic look at software […]

Member Spotlight: Embracing AI to Revolutionize Healthcare – An Inspiring Journey

Meet Nguyen Anh Minh, an exemplary member of our IT community, whose trailblazing work in the healthcare sector has garnered international recognition. In this exclusive interview, Nguyen shares insights into how artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping healthcare diagnostics, treatment, and patient care. As an advocate for achieving personal growth through continuous learning, Nguyen’s journey is an inspiration to us all, showing how technology can be harnessed to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Tech Titans Summit 2023: A Resounding Success in Driving IT Innovation

The much-awaited Tech Titans Summit 2023 concluded yesterday, bringing together industry leaders, tech enthusiasts, and aspiring IT professionals from around the globe. The event showcased cutting-edge technologies, inspiring keynote speeches, and interactive workshops that left participants invigorated and primed for technological breakthroughs. With an emphasis on fostering collaboration and innovation, the summit provided a glimpse into the future of the IT landscape and rekindled the spirit of achieving personal growth through tech excellence.